TNT Portable Hand Controls

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As usual, the best products for us are designed by us - and this is no exception. Former wheelchair racer Phillip Wells developed the TNT Portable hand controls after years of frustration trying to rent a vehicle while traveling for competitions.

The hand controls are proudly made in the USA and they really don't need any tools. You just slide the clamps over the appropriate pedal, tighten the screws using the lever handles and then flip the handles down to lock them. Done.

You do need a bit of control to use them as they're not fixed to the steering column for their leverage, they free float on a strap.

I use these in my Ford Explorer and I have an extra set that I pack in my luggage when I go anywhere - just in case I come across a situation where I should be driving ☺

These are absolutely on my top gifts list and I think every car dealership should have a pair on hand as well - at least any forward thinking brilliant business type dealership owners ☺

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