Samsung Galaxy Gear

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The very much touted Galaxy Gear from Samsung looks cool.. and in theory it is kind of cool, and for crip use, it does have it's strong points.

I bought it to go with my Galaxy Note 3 (also being reviewed) because of the range of features it has that are useful to people with disabilities.

Things I like about it are - you can see who is calling you while you're driving. Yes, I know, lots of objections, but you can answer with voice etc. When you have no extra hands, that's a helpful feature. You can also find your phone if you lose it by activating the finder app.

The speaker is passable - you can easily speak with a caller and understand each other, but it's obviously not as private as using a bluetooth.

The battery life is surprisingly long - like the phone, it lasts a LOT longer than I expected, up to 3 days (so far) without recharging.

The camera is nice, with a few basic features including auto focus, size and some sharing options.

Things I don't like about it are:

The fit - it's wide and bulky and stiff, which is understandable because the guts are in the band so it's a trade off, mixed in with some bangles (NOT METAL) it can kind of be cute.. I guess..

The clunky, unintuitive, yesteryear tech feel with no obvious ways to leave applications - the only way I could find to get out of some of the options for the camera was to click the reset button - which left the camera app altogether causing me to have to start all over again.

The other thing I noticed is the motion sensor to activate the unit doesn't always work. Sometimes it turns on instantly by moving your arm but other times I've had to move it around with very large movements for up to 10 seconds to get it to recognize that it's moving and other times it just doesn't work at all - the only way to get it to turn on is by hitting the button. I thought it was possibly due to a lemon so I returned it for a brand new unit, and the same thing happened so I'm considering that it's product wide.

Overall, I'm more happy than unhappy but I am struggling with some buyer's remorse over the price. At $299.95, it was a bit of a hit considering you can get a full fledged phone with all the tools for the same price. As an adaptive device, it does have it's uses for some things, so if you're an early adopter with a healthy budget this could up your cool factor.

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