Frog Legs

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Anyone who rides a chair knows how awful static front casters are. If they don't tip you out face first every time you hit a crack in the sidewalk, they rattle and send every bump all the way up your chair shaking everything loose, including your teeth.

I have the Ultra-Sport 3 hole uni-fork with the wide chrome wheels, and for fun times, I have a set of light up wheels that flash when you roll - which I love. The only way they could be better would be if they had sparkles on them hahaaa..

The difference is incredible. The ride is much smoother - all the way to the top. No rattle, no shopping cart impressions, when I get my tires filled up and roll around the trade show floor I get a bit motion sick.

It's a relief to be able to look up and ahead while wandering around instead of watching for every gum bump and pavement joint.

These are on my all time TOP GIFT FOR CRIPS list - you can NOT go wrong.

Retail: starting at $319.95

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