Snow Show 2015 Pics

Snowshow was SO MUCH FUN. The Finlandia party was a huge blast, we hung out with Toby and Jacqueline from Deviation Snowboards, John Supon, his awesome dog Bud, Cynthia and a few hundred other very happy people in the hotel bar.

I met ski royalty Klaus Obermeyer and showed off my coat from 1996 that still looks brand new. Good for me, bad for them :) they gave us a nice bag and some gators. And a stack of Be Like Klaus patches. If you want one, send me a note.

In addition to all the great fundraiser items people hooked us up with, the Unlimbited Snowsports program has a lot of new gear thanks to our Sponsors and friends from the show.

We now have a huge assortment of Sportshieldz extreme impact helmet liners, three brand new Pret Helmets, two ski mojo ski braces, and two brand new snowboards from 540 Snowboards.

Awesome Unlimbited ski program sponsors: