My Ski Suit

My new ski suit started it's life as a beautiful zero degree mummy bag.

It was used for years and finally ripped. It was going to be thrown out but I snagged it and repurposed it.

The first step was cutting it in half just below the hood then binding the edges so it didn't make a huge mess.

I turned it so the zipper was in the middle on the front. As a sleeping bag the zipper went up the side, but I changed that easily enough just by folding it differently!

I didn't really have a thought out plan for the straps other than buckles and webbing, but then decided to chop off the entire system from an old pair of bibs. TA DA!! Loads of time saved.

It took a few rounds of cutting and testing to get it to fit inside my coat and wrap where I need it without bunching up. Once I did that, I went around all the seams again with extra wide double fold edging tape and zigzag stitched the edge in a mock serge and then again inside that line to make it stronger.