Native Eyewear

In early summer of 2012, I decided to participate in the Locals Only Project contest to bring a photo shoot to Whitefish. I was contacted by their ad agency to be featured and was extremely flattered, but also knew the local adapted program was struggling due to the economy.

I asked if my participation could feature DREAM to help them out and they said YES!! And they DID. They came out and even tried some adapted waterskiing. Here is some footage from that day!

As we reflect back on our countless Whitefish, Montana memories, we are realizing that we came away with far more than we bargained for (and we mean that in the best way possible). We met some of the town's most influential characters, explored various bastions of society and, most importantly, had a hell of great a time doing it. Here's the final recap video from our visit; we hope it inspires you not only to check out Whitefish for yourself, but strive to foster this kind of community in your own neck of the woods.