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The Unlimbited Trailer is HERE!!

The trailer arrived at the end of June, all pretty and clean, and ready for it's important job of creating access where ever we can.

Overall I'm happy with it although there are some issues caused by the manufacturer having good intentions but no background in access or ADA building codes. The extra cabinets they "gave" us blocked the space for the automatic platform on one side. That being done, they removed the only table in the unit, and didn't move the fridge back into the space they made useless by the cabinets, making the door completely inaccessible. Not being disabled themselves, they didn't realize their "accessible" trailer didn't have any accessible entrances. But they DID put up a nice little blue crip symbol.

All is not lost though, it's mostly fixable with a roll up door at the back and an outside ramp, we can use it. Bathroom bars are being custom made so that issue is addressed as well. Needless to say, those issues are addressed in the other trailers :)