CES 2014 - Las Vegas

CES was MASSIVE, just gigantic and I didn't get to all the halls, or even all the buildings. Next year I'm planning for a longer stay.

The range of products that are accessible and useful to us (either accidentally or on purpose) is HUGE! Bluetooth technology applications alone are life changing. The Reviews section has some of the new things that were being shown and more are coming all the time.

I stayed at Circus Circus - it smelled like candy. The main floor access was good, and my room was clean but the promenade area where the hotel amenities and attractions are is almost all cobblestone tile, not great for people using walkers or canes, or wheelchairs that don't have Frog Legs front casters.

On the fun side, DJBonnie McDonald and I had a delicious and entertaining dinner with Dr. Adal M.Hussain,Phd AKA. Dr.Abbey and his assistant at Vince Neals.

As far as the rest of the food went, well I can't recommend it. The hot food in the buffet restaurant was INEDIBLE. Vince Neal's was ok and the breakfast place upstairs was passable but disappointing.

I would not stay there again if I had other options.