Snow Show 2015

Snowshow was SO MUCH FUN. The Finlandia party was a huge blast, we hung out with Toby and Jacqueline from Deviation Snowboards, John Supon, his awesome dog Bud, Cynthia and a few hundred other very happy people in the hotel bar.

I met ski royalty Klaus Obermeyer and showed off my coat from 1996 that still looks brand new. Good for me, bad for them :) they gave us a nice bag and some gators. And a stack of Be Like Klaus patches. If you want one, send me a note.

In addition to all the great fundraiser items people hooked us up with, the Unlimbited Snowsports program has a lot of new gear thanks to our Sponsors and friends from the show.

We now have an huge assortment of Sportshieldz extreme impact helmet liners, three brand new Pret Helmets, two ski mojo ski braces, and two brand new snowboards from 540 Snowboards.

And me and Cynthia both got a gorgeous pair of earrings from Jacqueline at Beacon Bling. Yes, you are jealous :)

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Unlimbited Snowsports Launch!

In a word - FABULOUS!!

January 22, 2015 at 2:00 pm.

We brought the trailer to the cul-de-sac at the middle of Chair 9 run where Bruce, Rick and Bane from Ski School were waiting.

Starla Hilliard-Barnes, Shannon and Eleesiah came a few minutes later and we were off.

She totally got it and by the end of the lesson was skiing pretty much independently. You can see by the slack in the tethers that she was in control of her ski and her speed. Bruce was there to help if she needed it, but she didn't.

The scholarship was raised here on the fundraising page and was covered by FIRed Up Heated Apparel, Di Davis Photography, John Bystra and Cynthia Pacheco.

Pics are here! is born!

The Unlimbited Guide to Adaptive Skiing has moved to it's new permanent home at

Please check it out if you're looking for new gear, places to ski, clubs or other adaptive skiing info.

If you're linking to the old guides here, please update them to the new site. If you send me a 336 x 280 banner (in a ski related industry) I'll put it in the rotation for 25,000 unrestricted impressions as a thank you. That means you can target your ad as you normally would, not just a run of site type display.

Summer 2014 Update

Summed up for those in a hurry - fun! For everyone else, the details:

The trailer arrived in June, all pretty and clean, and ready for it's important job of creating access where ever we can. There are some issues caused by people with good intentions that think those good intentions don't have to be supported by knowledge. It's a spectacular example of what happens when people who don't have direct experience get involved without thinking and I use it as a teaching tool when I explain why nothing about us without us is always the bottom line. If it's for crips it MUST be BY crips. No exceptions.

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The Unlimbited Trailer is HERE!!

The trailer arrived at the end of June, all pretty and clean, and ready for it's important job of creating access where ever we can.

Overall I'm happy with it although there are some issues caused by the manufacturer having good intentions but no background in access or ADA building codes. The extra cabinets they "gave" us blocked the space for the automatic platform on one side. That being done, they removed the only table in the unit, and didn't move the fridge back into the space they made useless by the cabinets, making the door completely inaccessible. Not being disabled themselves, they didn't realize their "accessible" trailer didn't have any accessible entrances. But they DID put up a nice little blue crip symbol.

All is not lost though, it's mostly fixable with a roll up door at the back and an outside ramp, we can use it. Bathroom bars are being custom made so that issue is addressed as well. Needless to say, those issues are addressed in the other trailers :)

Paralympics in the Media

I love the Paralympics. Not only for the competitions but for the promotion that comes from it and the positive changes we get to enjoy, even if it's just for a little while.

So much has changed since the shameful actions of the Sinful Six in Atlanta in 1996 when some companies declined to sponsor the Paralympics and then added insult to injury by refusing to release their sponsorship rights to other companies who did want to participate. Now we're seeing ads featuring recognizable athletes with strong back stories from known brands and not only are they exciting, they're inviting and insightful - making people interested on a deeper level.

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SnowShow 2014 - Denver CO

The SIA SnowShow in Denver, CO was two full days of crazy ski gear window shopping, connecting and product sourcing.

I saw and tried all sorts of winter / ski gear from gloves and coats, base layers, goggles, cold weather masks, to helmets and technical socks.

I met some new people and connected with some companies for marketing and product development.

One company in particular that has me really excited is Toronto based FiredUp Technology. They make infra-red heated gloves and jackets and they're planning on making some gloves and coats with the heating technology that are specifically for wheelchair users and outrigger users.

I'll post pics and updates as I get them.

CES 2014 - Las Vegas

CES was MASSIVE, just gigantic and I didn't get to all the halls, or even all the buildings. Next year I'm planning for a longer stay.

The range of products that are accessible and useful to us (either accidentally or on purpose) is HUGE! Bluetooth technology applications alone are life changing. The Reviews section has some of the new things that were being shown and more are coming all the time.

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