My Nemesis - because I'm a superhero

Fun and interesting interactions with "The Friendly Stranger". You know who they are :)

No Thank You!

and other foreign phrases

No Thank You!

I love words.

Three in particular have considerable power, and depending on the situation and who says them, can have profound effects on the person on the receiving end of them.

Even when they're interspersed with other words, you still get the basic underlying intent.

What are these magic words you ask?

Dear Friendly Stranger

An Open Letter..

Dear Friendly Stranger

Dear Friendly Stranger:

I just wanted to drop you a note to remark on our wonderful encounter over the weekend.

I must apologize for my extreme rudeness. Had I not been in such a rush, I would have taken the time to answer your questions about my sex life, my disability, how I go to the bathroom and the countless others that you shouted at me in slow motion while I was shopping.

CRAB Attack Survival Guide

CRAB Attack Survival Guide
It came across a disability support list.

Woman: "People stare at me whenever I go anywhere. I try to ignore them, but I'm embarrassed. Any advice?"

Man: "You are wrong to feel embarrassed.. The people who are looking at you are admiring your courage in adversity. That shouldn't embarrass you - it should make you feel proud and happy that people recognize your bravery. I bet if you speak kindly to any one of them, you'll strike up a conversation during which they will acknowledge your courage."